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Innsbruck Central Station

Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof or Innsbruck Central Station one of the busiest railway stations in the whole Austria and this station holds the key to millions of passenger transportation all round the year from various parts of Europe to this Tyrolean city in the western Austria. It is the most important railway station in the province of Tyrol in making the whole province connected to other parts of Europe. Several railway lines that pass through this station go to different directions around Europe. Lower Inn Valley line connects eastern part of Austria and Germany while Arlberg line connects to the west and Brenner line connects Northern part of Italy and southern Germany through the famous Brenner Pass. From Innsbruck central station also there is a suburban railway service named as Innsbruck S-Bahn.

Innsbruck central station is completely owned, maintained and operated by Austrian Federal Railways (ODB), This railway station serves as the junction between several connecting train lines, respectively as, Arlberg Railway, Brenner Railway, Mittenwald Railway, Stubai Valley Railway and Lower Inn Valley Railway.

Innsbruck Central Station is located in the main city of Innsbruck, just a few minutes away at the south eastern fringe of the city center of Innsbruck.

Connectivity with the main City
Innsbruck central station almost situated in a walking distance from the city center, though there is a wide array of transportation to travel to various parts of Innsbruck from this station. Suburban railway service Innsbruck S-Bahn can be a great option if you want to travel in suburbs of the city. There is a beautiful local transportation hub in the Innsbruck central station with varying transport options to travel to the main city. There are urban as well as regional bus lines travelling from this station to serve the commuters passing through this station. This transportation hub also serves the passengers with tram service to the main city from Innsbruck tramway network. The beautiful narrow gauge Stubai Valley railway also travels from this hub to various locations surrounding Innsbruck and serves as an attractive tourist transport option to travel around Innsbruck.

Good hotels near Innsbruck Central Station
There are great many good quality hotels near the Innsbruck railway station that vary from luxury hotels to common bed and breakfast accommodations. Some of the most luxurious and popular hotels near the Innsbruck Central Station include Grand Hotel Europa, Ibis Innsbruck, Hotel Sailer Innsbruck, Stoi Innsbruck, Hilton Innsbruck and Hotel Central Innsbruck.