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The city of Innsbruck in the lap of western Alps is one of the most popular cities in the world as a preferred destination for winter tourism. Innsbruck as the biggest city in western Austria is a too busy destination for regular commuters from other parts of the country and especially Innsbruck being the host city for Winter Olympic for two times is a busy city in respect of traveler’s movement. Kranebitten, the only airport in the city of Innsbruck is one of the busiest airports in Austria. Thanks to its high altitude and somewhat peculiar ascending and descending movement of the inbound and outbound planes this airport is equally a tourist attraction in the country.

The Kranebitten airport handles regional flights around Alps and seasonal international flights to and fro various destinations in Europe. Particularly in the winter season this airport remains too much busy thanks to the huge flow of tourists in the city for skiing and winter sports. Kranebitten airport also serves as the base station of Welcome Air and provincial service of Austrian Airlines, Tyrolean Airways. This airport is only capable to handle planes of maximum sizes comparable to Boeing 767. Though American tourists consider Innsbruck as a favorite destination for skiing or other winter sports no plane directly descend to this airport from American cities and passengers from United States generally travel via other European cities. Almost all major cities around the continent of Europe are well connected to the city of Innsbruck via Kranebitten airport.

The specialty of Kranebitten airport is its typical shape and a typical ascending and descending process of planes in this airport. Particularly in the season of winter when the traffic soars it becomes very challenging for flights from various national and international destinations to descend in this airport primarily because of bad weather condition and secondly because of rush of flights. The surrounding mountain range of Alps make a great challenge to the descending flights because of typical currants of winter winds that the pilots are supposed to deal with in a slow process of encircling the runway and gradual descending. The planes normally moves around the airport encircling it and slowly with the decrease of altitude and speed descend to the runway. The typically shotgun shaped Kranebitten airport uses air stairs to board or deboard the passengers after the arrival of the planes. De-icing trucks are used to for removing ice from the airframes just before the flight takes off.

Kranebitten airport is just 2.5 miles away from the heart of the city of Innsbruck and the airport can be said to be situated in the outskirt of the city. Kranebitten airport is well connected to the Innsbruck central station by a bus route called city bus F. This bus route typically takes 18 minutes of journey and runs between these two destinations in every 15 minutes.

Some of the most important seasonal flights and routes through the Kranebitten airport include Aeroflot- Moscow to Sheremetyevo, British airways- London to Gatwick, Lufthansa- Frankfurt to Innsbruck, Finnair- Helsinki to Innsbruck and many more.